IGU Commission Mediterranean Basin (COMB) – Bassin Méditerranéen

COMB-Commission on Mediterranean Basin emerged in 2012 as the first IGU Commission with a regional focus, aims to promote and foster geographical research on the Mediterranean Region. It aims further to develop of a Mediterranean regional network of geographers.

COMB organises sessions each year for the IGU conferences, and from time to time it has its own meetings.

COMB contributes to international projects devoted to Mediterranean issues, thus fostering the role of geographers on subjects such as cultural dialogue, mobility, climatic change and society, security and safety, pollution, green cities, spatial justice, information society, urban and rural environment and systems (livelihoods, food security, water, transports, energy, environment, risk, desertification, climate change fires and vegetation, conservation), urban and regional planning, governance, coastal management, tourism and leisure areas, tangible and intangible heritage, geoparks, small and medium enterprises and local development, conflict resolution and more. Currently main topics are: ‘Mediterranean Transition spaces, process, patterns’. Mediterranean Mobilities.

COMB was awarded in 2013 of a research grant within EU 7FP Call People Marie Curie IRSES 2013, Project MEDCHANGe 612639.

The IGU COMB Chair is Prof. Maria Paradiso (Italy), and COMB steering committee members, as well as the commission members, come from most of the Mediterranean countries but also from other world regions. Scholars from non-Mediterranean countries interested in the topic are welcome to join (please contact Maria Paradiso: paradiso@unisannio.it; send your affiliation, 3-4 keywords indicating your research interests and a short cv max 1 page).